RENDEZVOUS - Aphrodisiac massage oil candle


Our RENDEZVOUS aphrodisiac massage oil candle was developed with a lot of love for all of our lovebirds in order to provide you with a perfect data night. Simply make yourself comfortable, light the candle, let the pheromones unfold and wait until a pleasantly warm massage oil has formed.

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This massage candle contains natural pheromones, which have an aphrodisiac effect, stimulate your mood, release inner tension and give you a pleasant feeling.

The combination of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil makes your skin soft and smooth, while jojoba oil provides the skin with plenty of moisture.

Fragrance composition

Sandalwood - Ylang Ylang - Lemon

A warm, stimulating, slightly floral fragrance that pampers your senses. The mixture consists of high-quality essential oils in organic quality.


Our massage candles are handmade in Germany. We use high quality, natural ingredients and soy wax wicks.


Soy wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil, essential oils in organic quality.

Application and burning time

Let the candle burn for about 15-20 minutes until a warm massage oil develops. Before the massage, please blow out the flame and pour the oil either using a small ladle or directly onto the skin. Our RENDEZVOUS massage candle is sufficient for approx. 10-12 massages.

Lasst die Kerze ca. 15-20 Minuten brennen, bis sich ein warmes Massageöl entwickelt. Vor der Massage bitte unbedingt die Flamme auspusten und das Öl entweder über den kleinen Schöpflöffel oder direkt auf die Haut gießen.

Unsere RENDEZVOUS Massagekerze reicht für ca. 10-12 Ganzkörpermassagen.


Sandelholz - Ylang Ylang - Zitrone

Ein warmer, stimulierender, leicht blumiger Duft, der eure Sinne verwöhnt. Die Mischung besteht aus hochwertigen ätherischen Ölen in Bioqualität. 


Unsere Massagekerzen werden handgefertigt in Deutschland. Wir verwenden hochqualitative, natürliche Inhaltsstoffe und Sojawachsdochte.


Sojawachs, Bio Sheabutter, Bio Kakaobutter, Bio Kokosöl, Bio Jojobaöl, ätherische Öle in Bioqualität.

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