Our top 10 ideas for a not-so-ordinary date night at home

Going out for fancy dinners, the theatre, bars, or going out dancing are always fun. However, staying in for a date night is not only for couch potatoes. In fact, it can turn out to be more intimate, fun and strengthen your connection with your partner. 

We believe that spending quality time with your partner is one essential and very crucial piece for your self-care routines and thus we have asked some couples on their favourite “indoor activities” - aside from the obvious one (if you understand what we mean).

    1. Order dessert and eat it in bed: Love, sweet love… Imagine this: cuddling together in bed or on the sofa after a delicious homemade dinner and then your sweet tooth is calling. Why not ordering some delicious tiramisu and a bottle of wine from your favourite Italian restaurant? 
    2. Dress up for a candle light dinner: It’s a classic one should just doing once in a while should be on everybody’s schedule since it is good for the soul. I guess nobody would say no to dimming candle light, flowers, delicious pasta and a glass of red wine. Romantic and with a little more effort than usual. Put on your precious pieces, spray on that new signature scent and don’t be stingy with your grooming. Or do a themed candle light dinner. It’s your date night!
    3. Create a vision board: They say looking in the same direction is what makes you want to grow together. Having a clear vision on how you both are seeing your future together is a powerful connection. Besides getting to know each other better you will also get creative.
    4. Create a bucket list: What crazy adventures would you like to go on together? Bungee jumping, swimming with sharks, a West coast road trip, or going on an ayurveda retreat in India? Let’s find out if both of you have the same thrive of exploring to secret treasures of our planet.
    5. 10 questions each game: Just 10 - so be very mindful which one you are shooting at your partner. This is a truth or dare game - be creative, get to know each other better, find out about your deepest desires, discover a new side of your partner you will be incredibly proud of or just laugh at the stupidest things you’ve done in the past.
    6. Play strip poker / sexy twister: You can leave your head on… a little fun game never hurt anybody. And Twister will definitely get your flexibility back on track.
    7. Do a tasting: Are you both wine lovers or rather prefer stronger liquids such as whisky? Order a trial kit and learn more about distillery processes whilst rolling the smokey deliciousness over your tongue. You prefer colourful drinks in fancy glasses? Then just switch the tasting into a shake night.
    8. Have an art night: Time to get creative! Painting has a lot of benefits for you besides boosting your creativity. It also is a great stress reliever and helps you be more balanced. You could either sign up for some online classes or just let your creativity flow. 
    9. Stay up all night: One of the suggestions on this list is not enough? You need it all! Then just combine a few things from this list and stay up all night. Go for a romantic walk through your streets in between and look at the stars. The best thing - you can stay in bed the entire next day and order in for lunch. 
    10. Write each other a love letter and exchange it before dinner: Writing love letters is old school? Yeah, maybe - but don’t you know the expression your (grand-)parents often use: “old is gold” ? So there must be something about it. For all the romantic souls out there. When was the last time you have written or received a real, handwritten letter? Write a true and genuine letter to your love and there won’t be a dry eye in the room.