Morning Motivation

Good morning, rise and shine! Whenever you type in the terms like “Morning routine” you will get millions of posts, whether those are published by a business blogger, a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger - everybody is talking about it. So there must be something about it, right?

Well, we thought that sharing what we do to make us feel our best throughout the day is beneficial for you as well.

So here are some suggestions to brighten up your days:

1. Do not read the news as a first thing in the morning

This goes actually far beyond just reading the news in the morning - it applies for all kinds of text messages, emails, social media, etc. On a regular working day, we like to get up early just to have some time for ourselves - to do what we enjoy and to get ready for the day. Whenever you start reading news, especially bad news, this usually has an effect on your mood. Also just be for yourself and don’t get involved in other people’s lives as a first thing when you wake up. 

2. Write down positive thoughts/affirmations

We cannot emphasise enough how incredibly powerful this practice is. Some of you might be into mediation, which is also extremely rewarding and can be done by anybody. There are plenty of guided and easily accessible meditation classes for beginners. However, we assume that you are or are striving to be a woman who takes good care of herself and knows what she wants to achieve in her life. This is why we have a different approach on how to manifest what we want to attract into our lives. Just write down three simple phrases - those can be related to finances, to your love life, to your appearance. Once you embrace this method into your daily life you will start acting upon it. 

3. Turn on music and dance

Waking up by the sunrise already should put a smile on most faces we know. And what feels better than listening to some good mood music and shaking your hips in the morning. This does not only brighten up your mood but also instantly makes you feel more attractive and confident. Another good reason is that by doing some gentle dance movements in the morning, you are lubricating your joints and prepare yourself for potentially being stuck behind a desk all day. 

4. Take care of your body 

Besides listening to music and dancing in the morning there are some other things you can do to move your body in the morning. If you are working from home it might be a good idea to just go for a short walk in your neighbourhood and get a good coffee on the way. A quick run is also a super good way to burn fat in the morning and to boost your metabolism. Otherwise, we really recommend just a short yoga sequence of sun salutations to energise, improve your digestion, burn fat and just feel amazing.

Then don’t forget to shower and put on a nice moisturiser, do your skincare and put on your favourite scent. 

5. Pour yourself an aromatic cup of coffee (or tea), have breakfast and start your day

And finally, it is time for a well deserved aromatic coffee, prepare a nutritious breakfast bowl or even some eggs. Then start with the most difficult or with the most unpleasant task you have to do and notice how you feel once you’re done with it. Enjoy your day! 


And last but not least, do not forget your favourite scent to bring you clarity throughout the day!